Review: Babolat Pure Aero Racquet – Updated for 2022!

Tennisfansite Intro
Tennisfansite Intro

Most tennis fans will know the Babolat Pure Aero as the racquet that Rafael Nadal uses.  While it’s true that Nadal is a beast and can generate power and spin that most people can only dream of, his Pure Aero Racquet offers plenty of help.

Weighing 11.2 oz, the Babolat Pure Aero is ideal for intermediate and advance players who play an aggressive baseline game with pace and spin. The open string pattern is powered by Babolat’s FSI Spin technology which utilizes wider string spacing for an extra bite along with oblong grommets at 6 and 12 o’clock to maximize string movement and snapback. The open string pattern, combined with the generous 100 sq. in, allows players to add topspin that will keep the opponents on the defense.

The racquet will add a nice boost to your serve.  You can surprise your opponents with the speed this racquet can generate.

Compared to the prior versions, this racquet has improved control. Even then, if you miss the big sweet spot on the racquet, some of your shots may lack control. If you are looking for more control, check out the Babolat Pure Drive or Babolat Pure Strike racquets.

The racquet incorporates some minor changes from the prior versions. The 2019 version slightly less stiff than its predecessors and hence has a slightly lower swing weight.

In addition to the base Pure Aero, Babolat has a Pure Aero Light (1.1 oz lighter, less power), Aero Team (better control), and Aero Plus (more power, less control).

This lightweight racquet is ideal for baseliners who like a lot of power on their groundstrokes. Overall, it’s another great racquet that continues the Babolat Pure Aero line.

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