Best Tennis Strings For Your Racquet- Updated 2023

If you are looking for a quick recommendation on the best tennis strings, I’d recommend the Babolat RPM Blast.  It gives you a good spin combination of spin and power and is affordable.

Best Tennis Strings For Your Racquet

Most players get stuck when it is time to find suitable strings for their tennis racquets. There are several factors you need to consider when choosing a string for your racquet – power, feel, control, comfort, durability, and price. This article will equip both the advanced and beginner tennis players with crucial information concerning tennis racquet strings.

You may be wondering why the strings you have on your racquet are important. The strings differ in shape, material, price, and gauge. The string selection is key to how well you can play on the court. That’s why the most popular and successful players spend a lot of time figuring out the strings that work best for their game.

Before you buy any strings for your tennis racquet, you must familiarize yourself with the features and characteristics of strings. For instance, you need to consider cost, durability, tension, elasticity, and string gauge, to name a few.


The cost of these tennis strings differs depending on the material and brand of the string. For instance, a synthetic tennis string ranges from five to fifteen dollars while a natural gut string ranges from twenty-five to fifty U.S. dollars. Sometimes, the gauge also affects the cost of these strings- thick and thin strings vary in price.


Durability is another feature you need to consider a lot when strings for tennis racquets. Durability simply means that your tennis strings are strong enough and can last for a longer duration. Polyester strings are generally more durable.


Different strings have varied tensions; however, they can also be adjusted based on personal preference. Low tension strings give you more power but the strings are at a higher chance of breaking. High tension strings give you more control on the court though there is a higher chance of tennis elbow because of the transmission of vibrations.

You have to decide what tension you are going to use depending on the control and power you need. The tension decreases over time as you play with the strings.


Elasticity is how flexible and responsive your strings are. The truth of the matter is that to have more power; your strings need to be more flexible. With adjustable strings, you develop a nice feeling to your shots because of the spring back of the ball from the hitting to the original position. Nylon strings have good elasticity and are preferred by amateur players. 

String Gauge

String gauge ranges from the thinnest to the thickest. With a low gauge, the string becomes thick, and with a high gauge, the string is thin. Thin strings come with the following advantages; you get more spin potential, feel, and more top racquet playability. Thicker strings come with durability and power.

Therefore, when choosing a string for your racquet, you need to find the right string gauge for your game.

Types of Strings

Manufacturers have different ways of making tennis strings. There are monofilament, composite and co-poly string, and finally textured string.

Monofilament strings are made with one type of material. This string has a solid core that is singular and is more durable. However, their level of comfort, power, and feel is low.

Multifilament strings are made of several fibers woven together  These strings offer are comfortable and easy on your arm.

Composite string has a monofilament core and an outer layer of multifilament string. Co-poly string is made of polyester mostly but has other materials. Co-poly strings are the most trending strings in the market.

Recently, manufactures have come up with textured strings. When you look at a textured string after cutting it, you will notice that it lacks a round profile. It has edges purposely to assist the ball in grabbing the string and thus increasing spin potential. These strings can be hexagonal, octagonal, or twisted.

Here are the best tennis strings for racquets.

Head Synthetic Gut

The Head Synthetic Gut is made of nylon and has a coat of pearl polyamide, which makes it more durable. This is a great string for beginner-level players. For additional support, these strings have a Polyphenylene Sulfide wrap which provides power. This string is best for players who desire strings that are long-lasting and cost-friendly. 

Advanced players are unlikely to like this string and the knots slip and tend to lose tension.

Solinco Hyper- G Heaven

This type of string has a square-edge shape and is made of co-poly material. This string is remarkable in all aspects of playability with a higher level of control and durability. Unlike other poly strings, Hyper G does not lose tension quickly after playing and gives the player a superb feel.

This string is suitable for developed players. It is comfortable on the arm and can help players who have tennis elbow. The string does not have enough power and hence is not suitable for new players. Also, it loses tension more easily.

Babolat VS Touch

Babolat VS Touch is a natural gut string and is one of the best in terms of quality. The strings are made by weaving cow intestine strands together. The tennis string has excellent elasticity and tension that gives players an excellent feel and comfort. The disadvantage of this type of string is that it is less durable and easily snaps, making them more expensive since you may have to replace string frequently. To increase their durability, use the string savers. 

Babolat RPM Blast

Babolat RPM Blast is a polyester tennis string that has an octagonal design that helps grab the ball, making it the best string for topspin. This has been a popular string for a long time, and many players love playing with it. The strings are durable and will last a long time. 

This string gives you unmatched spin capability, superb control, and comfort and favor both new and established players. The disadvantages of the string are that they have less power and loses tension.

Luxilon Alu Power 

Luxilon Alu Power is the best string when it comes to control and durability. The string gives players extra spin because of its rough finish. Luxilon has a textured and irregular shape and is made of polyester material.  Intermediate and advanced players will love it as it will allow them to take huge cuts at the ball without losing control.

This string is recommended for intermediate to advanced players as it is not only durable but also maintains tension, and they benefit from its control and spin. However, the string can be tough on the arm and a little stiff for some players. 

Wilson NXT

Wilson NXT is a round multifilament string with over one thousand six hundred fibers that offers comfort and power to players. The string best suits tennis players suffering from tennis elbow because of its soft texture. It is also suitable for beginner players because of the smooth multifilament. 

This string is easy on the arm and offers the player comfort and power, and is suitable for new players. However, the string is not very durable and breaks faster than other strings, and its tension is poorly maintained.

Wilson Champions Choice Duo

Wilson Champions Choice Duo is an excellent string for tennis racquets acting as the best balance of rough polyester and natural gut. This string offers perfect performance and comfort; it is durable, offers power and control to players.

Wilson markets this string as the string used by Roger Federer.  It’s a great string for intermediate to advanced players.

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