Review: Babolat Pure Drive – Updated 2022!

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Tennisfansite Intro

Babolat Pure Drive racquets have been the staple of the Babolat family since they were introduced. Babolat created this racquet with extensive input from tennis players and it shows.

Babolat’s FSI Power Technology, which includes diamond-shaped grommet holes and wider string spacing, gives players impressive power and spin.

The wider 16 x 19 spacing allows players to hit a heavy ball from the baseline. The contact point for the Babolat Pure Drive is shifted more towards the top of the racquet.

This 100 sq. in racquet weighs 11.3 oz and should work well for both beginner and intermediate players. The larger head offers a bigger sweet spot for your shots. Some players may find the racquet a little stiff. But Babolat counters this with its Cortex dampening system, which uses viscoelastic rubber used in the space industry.

The racquet uses Evo Beam – a name that Babolat uses for varying thickness of the racquet beam that reduces torque at impact and offers better responsiveness.

It’s an ideal racquet for players who like to hit big shots from the baseline. The racquet has good maneuverability and allows players to hit a big serve. Andy Roddick used this stick to serve 140 mph serves. Kim Clijsters also used this racquet with good success from the baseline.

This racquet does not offer the same level of control as the Babolat Pure Strike. But beginner and intermediate players will have a lot of power and spin to work with from the baseline.

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