Brands That Sponsor Sachia Vickery

Sachia Vickery had an impressive junior career in which she peaked at world number 6. The transition to the women’s tour has been tough for Vickery. Though she reached a peak ranking of world number 73 in singles in 2018, it has not been smooth sailing for Vickery. 

She has trained at the IMG Tennis Academy, Mouratoglou Tennis Academy, and the USTA National Tennis Center at Boca Raton. At one point, she was also coached by Richard Williams, father of Serena Williams.  She has earned more than $3 million in her career. Diadem Sports sponsors her.

Sachia Vickery’s Sponsors

Diadem Sports

She is sponsored by Diadem Sports, a company that makes tennis and pickleball equipment and accessories

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Brands Endorsed By French Tennis Player Harold Mayot

Harold Mayot was ranked world number 1 as a junior. He won the 2020 Australian Open boys’s singles title. After entering the ATP men’s tour,  he entered the top 200 in world rankings for the first time in 2023. 

Mayot’s sponsors are Lotto and Wilson. He has made less than $1 million in his career. 

Harold Mayot’s Sponsors


Mayot has a clothing and shoe sponsorship contract with Lotto


He has a racquet sponsorship deal with Wilson

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