Head Radical 2021 Review – Slightly Heavy Racquet With Softer Flex

Head has released its latest Head Radical line of racquets.  With this release, Head decided to simplify the brand naming of its racquets, dropping the “Graphene 360”  from its name. 

The racquet comes in two versions – Pro and MP. Both racquets have 98 sq. in. head size and come with a 16×19 string pattern. Pro racquet gives you more power, while the MP version gives you more control and playability.

Head Radical is by Sloane Stephens, Diego Schwartzman, Matteo Berrettini, and Andy Murray on the tennis tour. 

What has changed?

Head has added 5g to both the Pro and MP versions. The racquet now has spriralfibers to the shoulder area of the racquet to give it a more responsive feel. The racquet also has a lower flex rating as a result of its thinner beam.

It uses the improved Graphen 360+ technology (previous generation racquets used Graphene 360) for stability and power.

Who is this racquet for?

Head Radical is a great racquet for intermediate to advanced players who are looking for that nice balance between power and control.  The racquet is responsive and feels great when the ball hits the string bed. 

This is a great racquet for baseliners and serve and volleyers alike.  Baseliners will appreciate the power, spin, and precision while players who like volleying will appreciate the great feel at the net.


The sweet spot may be small for some folks. Despite improvements to the flex rating, the racquet may still be too stiff for some people.

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