Frances Tiafoe’s Shoes – What Shoes Does Tiafoe Wear?

Frances Tiafoe is one of America’s next big tennis hopes. With his bubbly personality and an inspiring personal story, Tiafoe has millions of fans. Frances Tiafoe currently wears the Nike Air Zoom Zero on the court. Tiafoe has an apparel and shoe deal with Nike.  So it’s not surprising that he wears Nike shoes.

Bootie construction and excellent cushioning, Nike Air Zoom Zero shoes will make you immediately fall in love with it.  These shoes provide good support and stability and will give you confidence as you move around the court.

The shoes are lightweight and will make your move noticeably faster on the court.  The shoes are sticky and offer excellent traction helping you sprint around the court.

When it comes to durability, the shoes are okay though there are better shoes on the market on that front. But most tennis players will find durability acceptable.

In 2018, Nike released special shoes with a “Big Foe” log with Oreo cookie-styled colors across the shoes.  The shoe had speckled outsole and multicolored laces.

Bottom Line

Nike Air Zoom Zero shoes are great for tennis players at all levels.  With excellent cushioning, these lightweight shoes will help you move quickly around the court and surprise your opponents.

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