Head Radical 2021 Review – Slightly Heavy Racquet With Softer Flex

Head has released its latest Head Radical line of racquets.  With this release, Head decided to simplify the brand naming of its racquets, dropping the “Graphene 360”  from its name. 

The racquet comes in two versions – Pro and MP. Both racquets have 98 sq. in. head size and come with a 16×19 string pattern. Pro racquet gives you more power, while the MP version gives you more control and playability.

Head Radical is by Sloane Stephens, Diego Schwartzman, Matteo Berrettini, and Andy Murray on the tennis tour. 

What has changed?

Head has added 5g to both the Pro and MP versions. The racquet now has spriralfibers to the shoulder area of the racquet to give it a more responsive feel. The racquet also has a lower flex rating as a result of its thinner beam.

It uses the improved Graphen 360+ technology (previous generation racquets used Graphene 360) for stability and power.

Who is this racquet for?

Head Radical is a great racquet for intermediate to advanced players who are looking for that nice balance between power and control.  The racquet is responsive and feels great when the ball hits the string bed. 

This is a great racquet for baseliners and serve and volleyers alike.  Baseliners will appreciate the power, spin, and precision while players who like volleying will appreciate the great feel at the net.


The sweet spot may be small for some folks. Despite improvements to the flex rating, the racquet may still be too stiff for some people.

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5 Best Wilson Tennis Racquets – Updated 2023

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5 Best Wilson Tennis Racquets – Updated 2023

Wilson is one of the most well-recognized brands when it comes to tennis racquets. Top players such as Roger Federer, Venus Williams, and Serena Williams use Wilson racquets. Among the next generation, Stefanos Tsitsipas and Borna Coric use Wilson racquets.

Wilson not only makes good racquets but is also excellent at signing famous stars to sponsorship deals. Wilson also makes Luxilon strings, which are used by top pros.

Top Wilson Tennis Racquets

Wilson Pro Staff  RF 97

RF in the racquet’s name is for Roger Federer, who worked with Wilson to design this racquet. But it’s also a small racquet, at only 97 sq. inches. But it racquet has everything – feel, power, and control.  This is a great racquet for intermediate to advanced players who like to take big cuts at the ball. Wilson Pro Staff  RF 97 is one of the best racquets on the market for volleying.

97-inch sq.  head size may be too small for some (especially beginners) but the racquet makes it up with power, feel and stability.  You can hit huge serves easily with this racquet. At 12.6 oz unstrung, this racquet is on the heavier side. For some players, the weight of the racquet may take its toll on their arm after a couple of hours play.

The racquet allows you to hit penetrating shots from the baseline and crisp volleys at the net. It’s not surprising that a lot of top pros use this racquet.


Used by top players (including Roger Federer)
Excellent power and control

Small head size

Wilson Hyper Hammer

If you are looking for a racquet that is lightweight and has a big sweet spot, Wilson Hyper Hammer is a great racquet for you.  With 110 sq. inches head and weighing only 9 oz, this is a great racquet for beginner to intermediate players. It is especially a good racquet for seniors. It’s a great racquet for players who struggle to generate their own power.

Because of its big size, it’s not used by professional tennis players. But the big sweet spot will help you hit the ball off the center of the racquet more often. Amateur players will appreciate this longer (27.5 inches) than a standard racquet because it provides extra leverage and reach. The racquet gives you good power to hit from the baseline.  The racquet has surprisingly good control given its specs.

This is one of the best Wilson racquets you will find.  It’s affordable, lightweight but still gives you plenty of power and control.


Big sweet spot

Not the most maneuverable racquet

Wilson Clash 100

Wilson Clash offers an excellent combination of feel and power.  It is great for intermediate to advanced players. The racquet has just the right amount of flexibility and is comfortable as you hit the ball.

The big sweet spot means that you can hit more balls in the sweet spot of the racquet. With a flex rating of 55, this racquet is easy on your arm and wrist.

The racquet offers good control and allows you to hit the ball with spin. The racquet is lightweight (11 0z) and some players will feel that they could a little more weight, especially when volleying at the net.


Excellent feel
Good control

Some players may feel that the racquet lacks power
Racquet could use a little more weight for stability

Wilson Blade 98

The Wilson Blade racquet has been around since 2006 and it comes in many sizes.  But the 98 sq. inch version is the most popular among top professional tennis players. This racquet is used by pros such as Milos Raonic and Emma Raducanu. Though the racquet offers both power and control, it leans more towards the control. It’s a great racquet for players who strike the ball cleanly and prefer control over their shots.

This racquet has a softer feel that is great for generating spin. The Blade racquets are known for their power and this one doesn’t disappoint. But you will have to swing through the ball to generate power. The racquet also offers good control for aggressive baseline players.

Good stability and control
Great Maneuverablity

Not easy to generate power

Wilson Ultra 100

Wilson Ultra 100 has everything to take your game to the next level. The tagline for the Wilson Ultra is “Power to the people”. While that tagline may sound very promotional, the racquet doesn’t disappoint when it comes to power.

The racquet has a large sweet spot and provides excellent power and spin. Players can generate easy topspin using this racket. Your serves will have a nice pop as the ball explodes through contact.

This is a great racquet for baseliners who like to swing at the ball. This is a stiff racquet, so it’s not arm-friendly.  Keep that in mind especially if you are prone to arm or elbow pain.

Large sweet spot
Good power

Less control
Stiff racquet

Wilson Company History

Wilson Sporting Goods was founded in 1913 as The Ashland Manufacturing Company. Wilson is based in Chicago, Illinois. Luxilon, a well-known brand for tennis strings is also owned by Wilson.

It is currently a subsidiary of ANTA Sports Products Limited, a Chinese sports manufacturing company based in Jinjiang. ANTA paid  $5.2 billion to acquire Wilson in 2018. From 1989 to 2018, Wilson was a subsidiary of Finnish group Amer Sports. Wilson also makes products for other sports such as football, baseball, basketball, pickleball, volleyball, and golf.

Wilson racquets are used by many top professional tennis players including Roger Federer, Milos Raonic, Grigor Dimitrov, Karen Khachanov, Stefanos Tsitsipas, and Sebastian Korda

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