Best Knee Braces For Tennis Players [Updated 2022]

If you are looking a quick recommendation for a knee braces, our research shows that the Mueller Knee Brace is ideal for most tennis players. It has adjustable straps and will not hinder your movement on the tennis court.

Knee injuries are common among tennis players.  A painful knee shouldn’t keep you away from the tennis court.  A good knee brace will support and protect your knee and get you back on the tennis court.

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a knee brace:

  • Do you want knee braces with straps or one that is hinged?
  • Can you handle a bulky brace?
  • Will a sleeve work for you?

Based on our research, here are the top knee braces for tennis players.

Knee braces and straps will reduce pain for most people but always consult a doctor to address any injuries.

Best knee braces for tennis players based on our research

Mueller Knee Brace 

You will see a lot of tennis players wearing Mueller Knee Brace on the tennis court. It comes in only one size but with the adjustable straps, it works for almost everyone. It is reasonably priced and provides a great fit.  

This knee brace proves support without feeling bulky and allows for a full range of motion on the court.  This brace will easily last several years.

Mcdavid Knee Brace

Mcdavid Knee Brace includes reinforced spring steel stays along the sides.  It is made of quality materials and includes neoprene which provides additional compression. It comes in 5 sizes from Small to XX-Large. Choose the right size for you based on the sizing chart.

The brace comes in two styles – with and without cross straps.  Cross straps give you the ability to tighten and have a more customized fit. It is more expensive than most other braces, but this well made brace is worth the cost.

Ultra Flex Knee Compression Sleeve

Ultra Flex Knee Compression Sleeve is one of the best-selling compression sleeves on the market.  This sleeve has a double silicone anti-slip wave, which gives it an excellent grip.  No more stopping play to adjust your sleeve. It has excellent stretch capability and ventilation. As a bonus, it also looks good.

It comes in 4 sizes – Small to X-Large. It is bargain priced and is a fantastic value at the price point. The company has top-notch customer service.  I ordered the wrong size but was able to exchange it without too much hassle.

Mcdavid Patella Knee Support Strap

Mcdavid Patella Knee Support Strap has an adjustable hook and loop for a custom fit. It applies uniform compression at the tendon. You can wear it on the tennis court, or you can even wear it at home.

It comes in 2 sizes- regular and large. It comes in 4 colors – black, gray, blue, and red.

Things to know when buying a knee brace for tennis

Sleeves vs braces

Sleeves don’t provide the level of ligament support that a brace does. If you have a history of knee injuries, braces are a better option than sleeves.

Types of knee braces

There are many kinds of knee braces on the market but they typically fall into these categories

Wraparound Knee Braces

As the name states, these braces wrap around the knee.  They are not bulky and are easy to put on or remove. These are great for tennis players who have moderate levels of knee pain.

Hinged Knee Braces

Hinged knee braces provide more support than wraparound knee braces. These braces are worn after surgery for additional protection. Depending on the knee support needed, they can be rigid or soft.

Patella Braces

Patella braces have two options – open or closed. Open patella braces have a hole at the center whereas closed ones don’t. Open patella braces offer relief to the knee while closed braces offer better compression.


Some knee braces come in small, medium, and large sizes. Others come in a one-size-fits-all size. If you are looking for a more custom fit, go with braces that offer multiple size options. To your correct size, check with your doctor or physiotherapist.


For moving around the court, lightweight braces are the best. Bulky braces can hold you back on the court. Choose a brace that supports your knee but also doesn’t hinder your movement on the court.


Knee braces come in neoprene, polyester, or nylon. Sometimes are made with a combination of these materials.


If you are looking for solid knee support, neoprene braces work the best. They don’t offer good ventilation. If you sweat a lot, note that the neoprene braces will take a while to dry.

Nylon and polyester

These materials are softer than nylon and offer good ventilation. These are great if you play tennis for long hours as they are breathable and sweat dries off quicker compared to neoprene braces. Nylon and polyester are lighter than neoprene but still offer good knee support.

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Review: Wilson Blade v7 – Updated for 2022

Wilson Blade is a very popular racquet on the ATP tour. Top players such as Stefanos Tsitsipas, Karen Khachanov, and Milos Raonic use the Wilson Blade.

This is the seventh iteration of this racquet.  This version replaces the Countervail technology with the new FeelFlex technology.  FeelFlex uses Wilson’s proprietary carbon mapping to add torsional stability. The racquet also bends in the path of the swing, allowing players to add spin and power.

Another change Wilson has made to this iteration of Blade is the longer grip taper to the handle.  This will come in handy for players with a two-handed backhand.

The racquet comes in the 16×19 “open string pattern” and the 18×20 “closed string pattern”. The 16×19 open string pattern has widened the spacing between the main and cross strings and gives more power and spin but less control.  The 18×20 closed string pattern has smaller spacing between the main and cross strings, and generates less power and less spin but offers more control.

Wilson Blade racquet is arm-friendly and will keep you away from arm and elbow pain even after long hours of play.

Ground Strokes

The Wilson Blade has a much better feel compared to the Countervail. The racquet weighs 305g and is impressive on the groundstrokes. The racquet has good head speed and allows you to take a big swing at the ball without losing control.

At the Net

At the net, the racquet has a good feel and absorbs impact nicely. The racquet has good control and allows you to place the ball in court accurately.


The racquet’s head speed allows you to hit well targeted flat serves.  The racquet provides enough control that even your big serves will land inside the court.

Overall, this racquet continues the Blade tradition of optimal power and control for intermediate and advanced players.

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