Brands That Back Daniil Medvedev

Daniil Medvedev, nicknamed, Bear, plays tennis as if it were a chess game. Medvedev’s strength lies in reading his opponent’s play and forcing them into making mistakes.

Daniil Medvedev represents the Russian resurgence in men’s tennis. Medvedev, along with Karen Khachanov and Andrey Rublev hope to bring grand slam glory to Russia. No Russian man has won a grand slam since Marat Safin 2015.

Medvedev has struggled to attract sponsors despite his great performance on the court.  Not many companies in his native Russia are keen on sponsoring athletes.  In general, foreign brands have also been reluctant to sponsor Russian players.  As Medvedev racks up wins against top players, brands will hopefully notice his potential soon.

Daniil Medvedev’s Sponsors


Lacoste signed up Medvedev to an apparel deal in 2019.  He was previously with Lotto.  Lacoste bought French string racquet maker Technifibre in 2017 and has actively tried to sign up players who use Technifibre racquets. In 2020, Lacoste extended its contract with Medvedev until 2026. 


Medvedev used Tecnifibre racquets to power his explosive game on the court.  He also uses the Technifre racquet bags and strings. He currently uses the Technifbre TFight 305 RS racquet with Razor Code strings.

Tennisfansite Intro x
Tennisfansite Intro

Luxury car market BMW signed a sponsorship deal with Medvedev in late 2019. Medvedev has appeared in Russian media campaigns promoting the brand.


Swiss watch manufacturer Bovet 1822 signed Medvedev as its brand ambassador in 2019. Medvedev will be wearing the Ottantasei Tourbillon timepiece.  The company cited continued effort, improvement, and humility as the shared values between the watchmaker and Medvedev.


Tinkoff is the first Russian company to partner with Medvedev. Tinkoff is a Moscow-based financial company with a strong online presence.


Gaming peripherals maker HyperX signed up Medvedev as its global brand ambassador in 2021. He is the company’s first Russian brand ambassador.

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  1. Larry

    Based on what I’ve read about all of his unsportsmanlike conduct these past few years, I’d wager to guess the reason he doesn’t have sponsors is because of his actions. I’m hoping the rest of his sponsors drop him after his antics during the Lopez match.

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