Who Is Andrey Rublev Dating?

Andrey Rublev is not currently in a relationship.  Rublev was previously dating former tennis player Anastasija Homutova. Homutova played occasionally on the ITF tour but her tennis career didn’t work out as expected. They were in a relationship for a few years.

Though Rublev is very talented and has been consistently ranked in the top 10 in the world, he has struggled to get past the quarterfinals stage at grand slams. At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, he won the gold medal in mixed doubles.

Rublev’s life has revolved around sports. His mom Marina Marenko is a tennis coach and his father is a former professional boxer. It’s not surprising that he found love in a tennis player.

Rublev, along with Daniil Medvedev, is leading the Russian resurgence in men’s tennis. Daniil Medvedev has already won a grand slam title but Rublev is continuing his search for a grand slam.

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