Brands Endorsed By Soonwoo Kwon

South Korean tennis player Soonwoo Kwon has steadily moved up the rankings due to his consistent play. Kwon was born in Sangju, South Korea. Sangju is well known for its dried persimmons.

His older sister, Hakyung, won the Miss Korea pageant in 2015. His father, Younghun, was a good amateur tennis player. Kwon played soccer before committing to tennis seriously at age 10. His best grand slam result came at the 2021 French Open where he reached the third round.

Kwon loves karaoke and eating chocolates. He has been seen eating Kit Kats during his matches. He says that it gives him the energy to play better.  He is represented by the talent agency Leeco Sports Agency. Soonwoo Kwon’s current sponsors are Fila, Elroel, Delta, Flex, and Yonex. He has earned more than $3 million in his career.

Soonwoo Kwon’s Sponsors


Kwon has a racquet and shoe sponsorship contract with Fila. 


Kwon has a racquet sponsorship contract with Yonex. He was previously using Head racquets.


Elroel is a cosmetic brand that makes beauty products.


Kwon has a sponsorship deal with Delta Airlines. He sometimes wears a jack with the Delta logo after his matches.


In 2022, HR platform Flex signed a sponsorship deal with Kwon.

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