Babolat Roasts Fabio Fognini And Benoit Paire On April Fool’s Day With An “Unbreakable” Racquet

On April Fool’s day, Babolat has fun at the expense of the two players that Babolat sponsors – Fabio Fognini and Benoit Paire. Both these tennis players have a solid reputation for bad behavior on the tour. They throw racquets in anger and often break them. Both have been fined several times for racquet abuse.

On April 1st, Babolat announced the launch of its “Pure Unbreakable” racquet that the racquet maker developed in collaboration with Fabio Fognini and Benoit Paire.

While the April Fool’s joke was tongue-in-cheek, Babolat has warned Fognini and Paire over their bad behavior. Last year, the company even posted a message on social media condemning their outbursts on the court.

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