Amanda Anisimova’s Tennis Shoes – What Shoe Does Anisimova Wear?

Amanda Anisimova signed a blockbuster deal with Nike in 2019 valued at almost $100 million dollars.  As part of the deal, Anisimova wears Nike shoes and apparel on the court. Anisimova currently wears the popular Nike Air Zoom Zero tennis shoes.

Many expect Anisimova as the next tennis star to take over the sport once Serena Williams retires.  She is also frequently compared to Sharapova because of her good looks and her Russian roots.

Choosing the right tennis shoes make all the difference for a player like Anisimova.  She relies on quick movement around the court to keep her opponents on the run.

What tennis shoes does Anisimova wear?

Anisimova currently wears the Nike Air Zoom Zero.  Naomi Osaka and Elina Svitolina also wear the Nike Air Zoom Zero shoes.

Amanda Anisimova’s Tennis Shoe Review

One thing that stands out immediately when you put on the Nike Air Zoom Zero shoes is its responsiveness and feel. It feels like you are wearing a running shoe.

The shoe offers fantastic stability giving you the freedom to move quickly from side to side.  The shoe has a one-piece upper which provides exceptional support and locked-in fit. The outsole has good durability even for those who like to move aggressively and slide on the court.

The shoes are medium-weight and offer fantastic traction on the court.

Should You Buy Nike Air Zoom Shoes?

If you are an aggressive mover on the court, then this shoe is for you.  With medium weight, the shoe offers excellent support and fit. You will surprise your opponents with your quick movement around the court.

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