What Shoes Does Aussie Star Ashleigh Barty Wear?

Ashleigh Bary delivered became a national heroine when she won the 2019 Australian Open.  Sponsors have lined up to sponsor the next great Aussie tennis star.  Barty has an apparel and shoe deal with Fila. She currently wears the Fila Axilus 2 Energized shoes on the court. 

Did you know that Barty left tennis to become a cricket player? She left tennis after the 2014 Australian Open to try her hand at cricket. In 2016, she returned to tennis, and as they say the rest is history.

Barty has talked about how the break from the game helped her mentally and gave her a new perspective about the sport. She had renewed focus upon her return to tennis and that has translated into a remarkable success.

What shoes does Ashley Barty wear?

Barty wears the Fila Axilus 2 Energized shoes.  These shoes come in two versions – one for hard court and one for the clay.  Movement is a critical part of Barty’s game. These shoes are lightweight and feature molded footcare cage.  This provides good support and stability and allows quick change of direction on the court.

The outsole of the Fila Axilus 2 Energized is durable and comes with a 6-month durability guarantee.  This guarantee will come in handy for players who are tough with their shoes on the court.  The shoes provide excellent traction on all surfaces.

Fila Axilus 2 is designed for speed and comfort.  The shoes have rubber cushioning in the midsole. The shoes come in a few colors, so you can choose your colors to look your best on the court. 

Fila Axilus 2 Energized shoes require no break-in.  You will feel comfortable and ready to go the moment you put them on. 

Bottom Line

Fila Axilus 2 Energized shoes are great for players who like to move aggressively on the court.  The shoes are very comfortable and come with a 6-month outsole guarantee.  You will feel at ease the moment you put them and you will be eager to hit the court.

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