What Shoes Does The Great Serena Williams Wear?

Serena Williams is undoubtedly one of the greatest female tennis players of all time. Not surprisingly, she chooses only uses the best equipment for her tennis game.  She currently wears the Nike Flare 2 HC Laser shoes on the court.  Serena Williams has an apparel and footwear sponsorship deal with Nike.

Serena Williams is admired not only for her on-court accomplishment but also for her off-court activities.  She has made a name for herself as a self-made businesswoman.  She has invested in many businesses owned by women to encourage them in their endeavors.

She returned to tennis after giving birth to her daughter Olympia.  That was an inspiration for millions of mothers who tackle work and family.  Her results on the court since giving birth has been impressive.

Serena Williams’ Shoes

Nike Flare 2 HC Laser shoes worn by Serena Williams are meant for aggressive movers just like Serena.  This lightweight shoe has a half bootie construction that gives it a good fit.  This shoe will improve your footwork tremendously on the court.

The upper mesh is breathable and provides excellent comfort. The midsole features soft foam for cushioning and gives players low to the ground feeling on the court.

Nike Flare 2 HC Laser offers average lateral stability and you wish that it could be better. You will miss the ankle support that the old version of this shoe had. 

The shoes have a herringbone outsole pattern that provides excellent traction. Molded rubber dots on the medial side improve the durability of this shoe. 

Bottom Line

Nike Flare 2 HC shoes are lightweight and ideal for those like to move fast on the court and improve their footwork. The shoes are breathable and have good cushioning. Some may feel the shoe lacking in stability and support but you will get over it once you get used to these shoes. The shoes offer excellent traction on any surface and allow you to make quick cuts on the court. 

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