Jannik Sinner Splits With Girlfriend Maria Braccini

Jannik Sinner has split with girlfriend Maria Braccini. The break-up happened in September according to reports. Recently Braccini, who is a social media influencer posted a message celebrating a year of love with Sinner. Sinner is low-key and prefers to keep his private life off of social media.

The relationship became a burden for Sinner, who is traveling for most of the year. He recently broke into the Top 10 in world rankings in 2021 and played at the World Tennis Finals.

Jannik Sinner is known for his calm demeanor on the court. For that reason, he is often compared to Roger Federer. Sinner can hit powerful off both the forehand and backhand sides, and has excellent lateral movement on the court, which has been attributed to the amount of time he spend skiing when he was young.

Like many tennis players, Sinner lives in Monte Carlo, Monaco when he is not traveling. He is a fan of the football club, AC Milan.

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