Australian Tennis Player Chris O’ Connell’s Sponsors

Australian tennis player Chris O’ Connell is a beach boy who grew up on the northern beaches in Sydney. He turned pro in 2011 but has struggled to get into top tournaments consistently due to his low rankings.

He struggled with knee injuries between 2012 and 2014, and again in 2018. In 2018, he stopped playing tennis to clean boats with his brother because the injuries were catching up with him. But he returned to the tennis courts and found decent success.

O’ Connell is a big rugby fan. He supports the Newcastle Knights rugby team. His sponsors are Wilson and Le Coq Sportif. He has earned over $1 million in his career. 

Chris O’ Connell’s Sponsors


O’ Connell has a racquet sponsorship contract with Wilson.

Le Coq Sportif

He has  clothing and shoe sponsorship contract with French brand Le Coq Sportif.

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