Alexander Zverev And Adidas Mocked For Wife-Beater Outfit

Big brands have made tennis players wear atrocious outfits over the years. It’s not just poor design. It’s a common sight to see top players wearing identical clothing even when playing against each other.

Now, Adidas and Alexander Zverev have taken their choice of clothing to another level. Zverev has been wearing a sleeveless shirt at the Australian Open that has been referred to as the wife-beater shirt.

A few months ago, Zverev’s former girlfriend  Olya Sharypova accused Zverev of physical and emotional abuse. Sharypova revealed that Zverev had put a pillow on her face and pushed her against the hotel room wall during the 2019 Australian Open. Zverev has denied the allegations.

In addition to domestic abuse allegations, Zverev has had multiple run-ins with umpires during matches. His on-court behavior hasn’t helped his image.

Didn’t Adidas or Zverev’s representatives think that the sleeveless shirt would welcome such scrutiny? Does Zverev have the physique to wear a sleeveless outfit?

Netizens and tennis fans were quick to mock Zverev for showing off his not-so-big biceps. Players such as Rafael Nadal have bigger biceps and are able to pull off the sleeveless look.

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