6 Best Tennis Shoes For Flat Feet – Updated for 2022

If you are looking for a quick recommendation on the best tennis shoes for flat feet, I’d recommend the ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate. The shoes are comfortable, have just the right weight, and are affordable.

If you have flat feet, choosing the right shoes makes a big difference in how you feel on the tennis court. You want to have fun and enjoy your time on the court when you play tennis.  But flat feet is one of the conditions that can bother you on the court.  Flat feet refers to the condition when the arches on the inside of the feet are flattened.  This allows the entire soles of the feet to touch the floor when you stand up.

20 to 30% of the general population suffers from flat feet.  It is usually a painless condition. Flat feet occur when the arches don’t develop well during childhood. In other cases, flat feet can develop after an injury or simply from wear and tear as you age. Flat feet can sometimes lead to problems in your ankles and knees because the condition can alter the alignment of your legs.

Top Shoes For Players With Flat Feet

ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate- TOP CHOICE

Asics is one of the well-known brands when it comes to tennis shoes.  Asics Delicate is comfortable for players with flat feet and is reasonably priced. This shoe is stylish and comes in many colors including white.

The upper features a mesh with synthetic overlays that keeps your feet comfortable inside the shoe. The outsole of the stylish Asics Gel Dedicate is made from a solid rubber compound. The also has anti-marking features built on the outsole.  This prevents you from leaving huge marks when you play on clay.

Asics Gel Dedicate shoe includes a GEL cushioning system that reduces shock and the Trusstic system which reduces the weight of the sole while providing structural integrity.

The shoe offers solid support in the midfoot and arch sections.  This ensures a good fit that helps you to focus on the game, and not on your shoes.

This shoe has good breathability, keeping your feet comfortable during matches. The weight is just right – not too lightweight nor too heavy.  The shoe works well for players who have narrow feet.

K-Swiss Bigshot Light 3 

K-Swiss Bigshot Light 3 shoes are very comfortable for players with flat feet. The shoe has lightweight synthetic uppers for support, protection, and breathability.  It comes in handy for players who move aggressively on the court.

The shoes come with a rubber outsole compound called Aosta 7.0 that offers good traction and durability compared to similar shoes in its category.

The shoe’s midfoot shank prevents your foot from twisting while changing directions laterally. Note that these shoes need a slight break-in period but in no time you will love them.

Nike Air Max Cage

Nike Air Max Cage is one of the most comfortable shoes you will wear.  It offers an excellent cushion and fit. The mesh upper with the cage offers good ventilation.  So if you are someone who sweats a lot, this is a great shoe for you.  For those with flat feet, this shoe provides excellent arch support.

The stability of this shoe will allow you to move aggressively on the court. Nike uses multi-patterned treads to reinforce the outsole to reduce wear.

In addition, Nike’s XDR rubber compound offers excellent traction on hard courts, allowing you to take quick aggressive cuts on the court.

Asics Gel Resolution 7

Asics Gel Resolution 7 has received raving reviews from tennis players.  The shoe has a polyurethane upper material that offers good support, stability, and an excellent fit.

These shoes have outstanding cushioning and a snug fit. The ventilation is sufficient considering the upper material is a little thicker.

The shoes offer fantastic support and stability for aggressive movements on the court. Your ankle feels secure in this pair, so you don’t have to worry about rolling your ankle on the court.

The shoe provides excellent grip and traction without being too sticky on the court. The weight of this shoe is average.  This shoe is highly recommended for tennis players who value comfort and prefer increased ankle support.

Prince T22 Light

Prince T22 Lite shoes are one of the most comfortable and breathable shoes you will ever find.  If you are someone who sweats a lot, this shoe is ideal for you because it offers excellent ventilation.

The shoe has excellent cushioning from the sides of the heel to the ankle collar. These shoes are true to size and provide an excellent fit.

The shoe ranks high in stability and support.  You won’t find this shoe slipping on the court or inside the shoes.  It offers predictable traction when playing.

If you are looking for a shoe that is luxurious in comfort, Prince T22 is your shoe.  It doesn’t need a break-in period and you are ready to go the moment you put it on.

Asics Gel Challenger 12 Tennis Shoe

Good tennis shoes that are sub-$100 are hard to find. But the Asics Gel Challenger 12 Tennis Shoe is an exception. Consider this shoe a stripped-down version of the popular Asics Gel Resolution. The shoes are lightweight and comfortable. 

The shoe has good arch support and allows you to change directions quickly with confidence. It has less cushioning than the higher-end Asics shoes. That’s not a surprise given its attractive price point.

The shoe offers excellent durability. Traction is very excellent and comparable to other Asics tennis shoes. Ventilation is good but not great. One downside of this shoe is that the uppers stretch out over time. 

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet: What to Look For

Arch support and arch cushioning

The number one thing you should look for when buying shoes if you have flat feet is arch support. The shoes should provide your foot with the arch that you lack because of your flat feet.

Similarly, you will need extra protection for your arch as you are moving around the court. Look for extra supporting materials to absorb shock in the arch area.

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