Brands That Sponsor Alejandro Tabilo

As a lefthander, Alejandro Tabilo idolized Rafael Nadal when growing up. He spent most of his childhood in Canada. He also represented Canada in the juniors before switching his allegiance to Chile, where his parents are from.

Tabilo won his first Challenger title at Guayaquil in 2021. He did not lose a set on his way to the title.  In 2022, he entered the top 100 in world rankings for the first time. He speaks English and Spanish. He is more fluent in English than in Spanish because he spent most of his younger years in the US and Canada. Outside of tennis, he loves swimming and soccer. His sponsors are Lotto, Dove and Yonex. He has earned more than 1 million in his career.

Alejandro Tabilo’s Sponsors


Tabilo has a clothing and shoe sponsorship contract with Italian brand Lotto.


Tabilo has a racquet sponsorship contract with Yonex. He uses the Yonex  VCORE 98 racquet. He was previously using Dunlop racquets.


Tabilo became an ambassador for Dove men’s care products in 2022.

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