Pierre-Hugues Herbert Is UnVaccinated And Will Miss The Australian Open

The tennis world has been focused on Novak Djokovic‘s vaccine status and whether he will get vaccinated to play the Australian Open. But France’s Pierre-Hugues Herbert became the first player to take a vaccine stance – he will not compete at the 2022 Australian Open because he is not vaccinated.

Pierre-Hugues Herbert told the French publication L’Alsace

Personally, I am not vaccinated and the trip to Australia was not an option for me

I do what I can. But because of my singles ranking, it may have been a bad thing (to go to Australia) for a good start.

He is currently ranked outside the Top 100 in singles ranking and would have had to play the qualifying rounds to get into the main draw in singles.

Hugues Herbert was realistic and accepted that he may not be able to remain unvaccinated for long  because it’s required by many countries and tournaments. He said:

Yes, for my part, it is a personal choice not to be vaccinated. I don’t know how long it will last, I don’t know if it’s feasible today to be a tennis player without being vaccinated.

There is not only Australia. Today, there are the United States, Austria … it is a rather complex topic.

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