Holger Rune In Coaching Turmoil After Firing Boris Becker And Severin Luthi

Holger Rune has recently made waves in the coaching world by parting ways with two legendary coaches, Boris Becker and Severin Luthi. This decision marks his fourth coaching change in under eight months, prompting curiosity about the dynamics within the Rune camp.

In a released statement, Boris Becker cited time constraints as the primary reason for stepping down as Rune’s head coach.  

I would like to inform you that I will step down as the head coach of Holger Rune with immediate effect. We started this partnership with the initial goal to reach the ATP Finals end of last year but moving forward I realised that in order for this to be successful, I would need to be available for Holger much more than I can. Due to professional and private responsibilities, I can’t give Holger what he needs now. I wish him only the very best and I’m always going to be his n.1 fan. I truly appreciated this journey together.

-Boris Becker

In response, Holger Rune emphasized the challenges of finding the right coaching fit after working with the same coach for fifteen years. He highlighted the importance of aligning with individuals who share his ambitious vision and can provide constant support and understanding. Rune expressed gratitude towards all involved in his coaching journey, including Lars Christensen, Boris Becker, and Severin Luthi, while hinting at unveiling his final coaching setup soon.

Holger Rune released a statement, saying

As you know, I have tried different coaching variations during the last 12 months.

After working with the same coach for 15 years, my entire tennis life, it is not easy to find the perfect match on the first try. I have learned a lot and found out what is important for me to feel good and at the same time develop as I want. I have big ambitions and big goals, and I need people around me who have the same vision. And people I can trust to achieve my goals.

I need people who know me – who can be there all the time. It gives me security and joy in a world with changing environments and conditions every week.

I would like to thank everyone involved in the process, Lars [Christensen, long-term coach], Boris, Severin, I love you. I will be happy to inform more about my final coaching setup very soon.”

Rune’s statements shed light on the complexities of player-coach relationships and the crucial role of compatibility and support in achieving athletic aspirations. There is also a rumor that Rune’s mother Aneke played a role in the coaching split. 

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