What Tennis Balls Do Grand Slam Tournaments Use?

Every Grand Slam has its “official ball partner”. Wilson balls are used at the French Open and US Open, Dunlop balls are used at the Australian Open and Slazenger balls are used at Wimbledon.

Balls Used At Grand Slam Tournaments

Australian Open – Dunlop

Australian Open currently uses Dunlop balls. Australian Open signed a 5-year deal with Dunlop in 2018 and started using Dunlop balls at the Australian Open in January 2019.

French Open – Wilson

French Open currently uses Wilson balls. In November 2019, French Open signed a 5-year partnership to use Wilson balls. Wilson balls were first used at the 2020 French Open. French Open was previously using Babolat balls.

Wimbledon – Slazenger

Wimbledon currently uses Slazenger balls. The partnership between Slazenger and Wimbledon goes back to 1902, making it one of the longest partnerships in sports.

US Open – Wilson

US Open currently uses Wilson balls. US Open has been using Wilson balls since 1978.

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