Translating Daniil Medvedev – What Does Small Cat Mean?

Tennis is an international sport. Few tennis players don’t speak English. For the many who speak English, it’s often their second or third language. It’s not uncommon to see tennis players struggle for words or literally translate from their native language.

Daniil Medvedev called the umpire a “small cat” after an argument at the Australian Open? Did he mean to call the umpire a p**y (starts with a p and rhymes with Suzy).

The P word would have given Daniil Medvedev Goes Kart Racing With Daniil Kvyat And Alex AlbonDaniil Medvedev a big fine but he got away with calling the umpire a small cat. He was probably looking for a suitable word in Russian and translated it literally into English. Now small cat has become part of the tennis vernacular. Thanks, Daniil.

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