Tommy Paul Confirms Switch To Yonex Racquets

Tommy Paul has switched to Yonex racquets. He had been using the Wilson blade racquet since the juniors. He is using the Yonex Vcore 98 racquet.

Paul made the switch at the start of the year in Australia. Quickly, he found his groove and reached the semifinals at the Australian Open. His incredible performance so far this year has been partly due to his racquet switch.

A number of male players made the switch to Yonex this year including Jack Sock and Brandon Nakashima. Yonex is more popular on the women’s tour than on the men’s side.

Players are reluctant to switch racquets because of the huge impact that has on their game. But despite that, players have made the switch, even if it’s for financial reasons. In an interview, Tommy Paul said that he had tried Yonex a few years earlier and really liked it but they couldn’t agree on financial terms.

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