Tennys Sandgren Playing With Dunlop Racquet

Tennys Sandgren is playing with Dunlop racquets. He has been playing with no Dunlop stencil on the racket. So he may be testing out the racquet. He appears to be using the Dunlop CX 200 Tour racqeut. Sandgren was using Wilson Blade racquet previously.

It is unlikely that Sandgren has a sponsorship with Dunlop at this point. If he  likes the racquet and if the two parties can agree on terms, he may sign up with Dunlop.

Racquet changes can impact a players game. Top players are reluctant to  make racquet changes. So it is interesting that Sandgren is testing out racquet in matches and not during the off season.

Tennys Sandgren‘s rankings have dipped because of poor results. He is currently ranked outside the Top 150. He reached a career-high ranking of world number 41 in 2019. He played college tennis at Tennessee before turning pro.

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