Sloane Stephens’ Shoes – What Shoes Does Stephens Wear?

Despite winning the US Open, Sloane Stephens has been in the shadow of compatriot Serena Williams her entire career.  In 2018, Sloane switched from her longtime sponsor Under Armour to Nike.  She currently wears the Nike Air Zoom Zero shoes on the court, in addition to Nike apparel.

Stephens’ parents, Sybil Smith and John Stephens were both accomplished athletes.  So it’s not surprising that Stephens is a gifted athlete who glides around the court like a ballerina. 

Sloane Stephen’s Shoes

Nike Air Zoom Zero shoes feature uppers that are soft and fine on the inside and tough on the outside. The uppers ensure a snug fit when you lace up your shoes.

The shoe features extra padding in the heel area for additional comfort. The entry around the ankle can be a little tight for some players but once you break it, you will love these shoes.

The half-bootie construction offers excellent responsiveness and comfort.  The shoes are breathable as a result of their low-cut nature.

The shoes have a curved outsole, which creates a rocking motion to make use of momentum shifts while moving on the court.  Patterns in the outsole improve stability and traction, especially when making sharp turns.

Sloane Stephens became the first female athlete to bring Jordan Brand to the tennis court.  Stephens wore the Aqua Jordan Air Latitude 720 off the court at the 2018 US Open. 

Bottom Line

Nike Air Zoom Zero shoes are super comfortable and allow for quick movements around the court. The shoes are breathable and offer a comfortable fit.  There may be a short break-in period for some but you will fall in love with these shoes in no time. 

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