Roger Federer Says Doctors Holding Him Back From Comeback

Roger Federer gave a health update at an event hosted by his sponsor Credit Suisse. Federer said that his recovery has been slow and he will know where he stands physically in April.

Federer said:

I have very interesting and important few months ahead of me,. I feel like I will know a whole lot more this coming April where my body is going to be like. Up until now I wasn’t really allowed to run yet, do the heavy workload with jumps and stop-and-go’s. So, I hope that’s all going to start, hopefully in a couple of weeks, and then we will see how the body will react to that.

Federer has been recovering from a second surgery on his left knee. He hasn’t played since his loss to Hubert Hurkacz at the 2021 Wimbledon quarterfinals.

Roger Federer is almost 41 years old. As his body ages and the longer he stays away from the court, his chances of a successful comeback diminish. But Federer fans are hoping for a last hurray from him this year.

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