Rafael Nadal Names His Son Rafael Nadal Perello (After His Grandfather)

Rafael Nadal and his Mery Perello became parents to a baby boy. The couple has named the boy Rafael Nadal Perello – it’s common in Spain for the baby to take the mother’s maiden name as the last name.

The baby’s birth is both a joy and a relief for the Nadal family. Perello has been under observation for the last few weeks due to complications. The couple shared the baby news in September but have not commented yet on the child’s birth

Rafael Nadal named his son Rafael Nadal after his grandfather – Rafa Nadal Sr. Though his grandfather was a big fan of Nadal, he rarely attended matches because of his heart condition.

Novak Djokovic and other top stars congratulated Nadal. Nadal’s fans on Twitter were excited at the news. His favorite soccer club Real Madrid congratulated him on Twitter.

Nadal and Perello married in 2019 after many years of dating. Among the big four – Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, and Rafael Nadal – Nadal is the last to have a baby. All others have multiple children.

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