Rafael Nadal Finishes Sixth At Balearic Golf Championship

Rafael Nadal is one of the greatest tennis players ever to play the game. Just a few weeks after winning a record 20th grand slam, he hit the golf course, not for fun but to play competitive golf.

Nadal played at the Balearic Golf Championship in Mallorca, Spain, and finished 6th. His total score after three days was +9, which was 10 strokes behind the winner Sebastian Garcia.  Remember that the other golfers at the tournament do this as a profession and not for fun like Rafa.  So Rafa’s results are impressive.

Nadal has a handicap of + 0.3 and has played at the Balearic Golf Championship before. Nadal also loves soccer. He played soccer as a child before switching to tennis full time.

Athletes from other sports occasionally play at golf tournaments. Rafa seems to be really good at it. Maybe when he retires from tennis, he can focus on golf as a second career.

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