7 Things You Should Know About Queen’s Club Tennis Championships (Cinch Championships)

Grass court season is very short in tennis. It only lasts a few weeks but there is some beauty about playing tennis on grass. Obviously, Wimbledon is the most popular grass court tournament in the world. But only 4 miles away from Wimbledon is the Queen’s club, which has quite a rich history just like Wimbledon.

7 things about Queen’s Club Championship

1. The first Queen’s Club tournament was held in 1881

First tournament at Queen’s Club was held in 1881. Frederick Rawson was the first winner of the tournament.

2 It’s a men’s only tournament

Though women have played in the tournament before, currently it only features men. The tournament features men’s singles and men’s doubles.

3. Andy Murray has won the most titles

Andy Murray has won 5 singles titles and one doubles title at Queens. Major Ritchie reached 8 finals here, a record for the tournament.

4. Boris Becker is the youngest winner at Queen’s

Boris Becker on the title when he was 17 years 207 days in 1985

5. The tournament has had many title sponsors over the years

The tournament is currently sponsored by Cinch, an online car selling website. Froom 1979 to 2008, it was sponsored by Stella Artois. From 2009 to 2017, it was sponsored by Aegon. From 2018 to 2020, Fever-Tree was the title sponsor

6. Roger Federer, the greatest grass court player of this generation, ever played at Queens

Roger Federer has a lifetime contract to play at Halle. So he has never played at Queens.

7. In 2004, Andy Roddick set a world record for the fastest serve here

Andy Roddick hit a serve that clocked 153 mph (246.2 km/h) in a match against Paradorn Srichaphan in the quarter-finals. It was the fastest served recorded at the time. The record has since been broken.

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