Andy Murray Confirms He’s a Robot – Says He Has No Emotions About Boris Becker Going To Jail

Andy Murray has confirmed what we know all along. He is a robot with no emotions. When he was asked about Boris Becker’s jail sentence, Murray said:

I didn’t really feel particularly emotional about it. He broke the law and if you do that, I don’t think you should get special treatment because of who you are or what you’ve achieved. Again, I feel sorry that he’s in that situation, but I also feel sorry for the people that he’s affected with his decisions as well and what’s happened to them. I hope he’s okay and that he learns from his mistakes. But I didn’t have a particular emotion about it.

Boris Becker won six grand slam titles in his career. He coached Novak Djokovic between 2014 and 2016. But his personal life had many ups and downs. He was sent to jail last week for hiding assets related to his 2017 bankruptcy.

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