Andy’s Reads: Anna Kournikova’s Influence and Tournaments Moving To China

WTA Connecticut Open is moving to China after failing to find a title sponsor (Fox61)

A week after reaching the Australian Open final, Petra Kvitova gives testimony in court (The Guardian)

Davis Cup got underway in its new format. Australia, Germany,  Italy, Belgium, Serbia and the Netherlands made it through the qualifying round. Russia upset Switzerland but 14-year Swiss Jerome Kym won a match for his country (ESPN)

Is Anna Kournikova one of the most influential female tennis players? (ESPN)

Thierry Van Cleemput is Simona Halep’s new coach.  He used to coach David Goffin previously (

A tennis prodigy’s career is ruined because of match fixing (BBC)

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Federer’s Uniqlo Ad – Oh Boy!

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If you are wondering what Roger Federer has been up to since his loss to Stefanos Tsitsipas at the Australian Open, the answer is finally here.  He has been busy shooting a commercial for Uniqlo.

As you may remember, Federer ditched his long time sponsor Nike to go with Uniqlo last year.  Federer’s deal with Uniqlo is reportedly worth $30M a year for 10 years.  Federer has said that Uniqlo offered better post-career opportunities than Nike.

Here is the commercial.  Roger is playing piano in comfortable jeans!


Uniqlo had Novak Djokovic under its umbrella for almost 6  years and couldn’t capitalize on his success.  I wonder if the company is doing the same thing with Federer.

Federer is a global sports icon.  You would think that Uniqlo (and its ad agency) would be able to come up with a better ad than that.

Uniqlo missed the mark big time on this one.


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