Hsieh Su-Wei – No Sponsors But A Lot Of Fun

Taiwanese tennis star Hsieh Su-Wei has many fans. That’s for good reason. Her unorthodox  and creative style of play is not very common in tennis.

She plays two-handed shots on both sides – a double-handed forehand and a double-handed backhand. She constructs points and drives her opponents mad with her angles, drop shots, lobs, and slices. She is nicknamed “The Wizard” for her guile on the court.

Hsieh Su-Wei  is just 5 ft 7 in but she can keep up with anyone on the tennis court. She is arguably the greatest tennis player to come from Taiwan. Though Hsieh Su-Wei is a good singles player who reached a top ranking of world number 23, she found bigger success in doubles, where her game is more powerful.

She is one of the very few players to have won 500 matches both in singles and doubles. After her first doubles grand slam title at Wimbledon in 2013, a Chinese company offered her a $10 million sponsorship if he changed her citizenship to China. Hsieh Su-Wei admitted that she would consider the offer, which created a controversy in Taiwan. To counter the Chinese company’s offer, the Taiwanese government attempted to put together a competing sponsorship package for her.

Despite her success, Hsieh Su-Wei has had difficulty attracting sponsors. She doesn’t have an agent to manage her business deals. She buys her own clothes and racquets. Her racquets strings have no logos. Top players frequently change racquets but not Su-Wei. She can go for months or even years without changing racquets.

Hsieh Su-Wei has fun on the court. The fans watching her matches love to see her play. Hopefully, sponsors will step up to sponsor one of the most interesting players on the women’s tour.

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