Ons Jabeur Supports Novak Djokovic’s Anti-Vaccine Stance

Ons Jabeur has come out in support of Novak Djokovic, who has refused to get vaccinated. Djokovic was initially given a medical exemption to play at the Australian Open but his visa was revoked at the last minute.

Jabeur said:

I feel like some players they blame him for coming, some players they don’t. I feel like we should respect his choice that he didn’t want to get vaccinated. If they didn’t want him to come, why did you give the exemption and everything? So, I feel like it’s tough what’s happening to him or to anybody; it’s a very, very tough situation.

I hope it’s not political as people are saying. I feel like he’s going for a historical run this season, especially at the Australian Open, and he saw an opportunity to get an exemption so he took it, and you cannot blame him for that really.

Jabeur tested positive for COVID-19  in December despite being vaccinated. She is not an ant-vaxxer  but supports others who hold that view.

Very few players have supported Djokovic’s anti-vaccine stance. Most players feel that he should follow the vaccine rules like everybody else and not get exemptions from tournaments.

Ons Jabeur is the highest-ranked Arab player in tennis history. She reached her peaking ranking of world number 7 in 2021. She is also the first ever Arab player to win a WTA title.

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