Why Do So Many Tennis Players Live And Train In Florida?

Have you noticed that many top tennis pros train and live in Florida? Have you always wondered why?

Florida has excellent weather throughout the year that’s great for outdoor tennis. During winter, Florida weather is in the 70s and ideal for outdoor tennis. So the weather is one of the key reasons tennis players live in Florida.

USTA has a training facility in Florida with 98 courts. So for US players, living in Florida gives them access to USTA courts and coaching staff.

Florida has no state income tax. Tennis players routinely seek destinations that have tax advantages. This is one reason why many tennis players call Monte Carlo home.

Florida also has several tennis academies that attract top talent from across the world. So there’s a tennis ecosystem that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Florida has a ton of public courts that you can use for free. Easy access to tennis courts saves players money and allows them to practice often.

Tennis players love to have fun. Florida’s beaches are a great way to relax away from the tennis court.

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