Why Next Gen ATP Finals Offers No ATP Points

Next Gen ATP Finals does not offer any ATP points, just prize money. That’s for many reasons. The tournament features the best 21-and-under players of the season, whereas the other ATP tournaments have no age limitations. It will be unfair to aware points to 21-and under players if older players cannot compete at the tournament.

ATP points are awarded to players only  if the tournament is open to all players. That’s not the case with the Next Gen ATP Finals. Next Gen tournament is more like an exhibition tournament where the ATP can showcase young players who may become future stars. Next Gen ATP Final winners in recent years include Stefanos Tsitsipas and Jannik Sinner.

Similarly, the Olympics, where participants are picked based on their nationality, does not provide any ATP or WTA points. If a player comes from a country with deep tennis talent, they may not qualify for the Olympics because countries are limited on how many players they can send to the Olympics.

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