Brands Endorsed By Misaka Doi

Misaka Doi was introduced to tennis at age 6 by her parents. Her brother Ryota is a tennis coach. Doi won her first singles title in Luxembourg in 2015. Her best singles grand slam result came at Wimbledon in 2016 where she reached the fourth round. 

Doi is 5 ft 3in tall. Her favorite player is Justin Henin because Henin was short but played a very aggressive game. Her current sponsors are New Balance, Dunlop, and Miki House.

Misaka Doi’s Sponsors

New Balance

Doi has a clothing and shoe sponsorship contract with New Balance. She was previously sponsored by Asics.


Doi has a racquet sponsorship contract with Dunlop. She uses the Dunlop CX 200 racquet.

Miki House

Miki House is a Japanese company that makes baby products.

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