What Shoes Does Milos Raonic Wear?

Milos Raonic was the face of Canadian tennis until the last couple of years when young guys came along.  Raonic has an apparel and shoe partnership with New Balance.  He currently wears the New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam LAV shoes on the court.

In Serbian, Lav means lion.  Raonic was fondly called the lion by his grandfather.  Raonic worked with New Balance to design this shoe.  So naturally, he is proud to represent these New Balance shoes.

Raonic has been prone to injuries in his career.  New Balance and Raonic designed the shoes to reduce player injuries while not compromising comfort.

The shoe has Fresh Foam cushioning for shock absorption.  The shoes are lightweight and comfortable.  The Kinetic Stitching on the uppers provide a snug fit and improves stability while moving around the court. 

The outsole of the New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam LAV shoes features a herringbone tread pattern that ensures good traction on the court.  The outsole comes with a six-month guarantee.  It will give peace of mind to players who tend to wear out shoes quickly.

Bottom line

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam LAV shoes are lightweight with fantastic shock absorption. The shoes provide a snug fit and have good stability. The outsole guarantee gives you peace of mind that you won’t be shopping for new shoes in a few weeks.  There are plenty of color options to choose from to match your style.

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