Laver Cup – The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Tournament

Laver Cup gets a lot of criticism. Its matches are one-sided – Team World can’t put up a fight. It’s too similar to Davis Cup or ATP Cup as a team competition. Laver Cup tickets are too expensive.

But there is one thing everyone can agree about the Laver Cup. It is aesthetically the most pleasing tournament. The court color are dark and in sharp contrast to the red and blue color shirts worn by the two teams. The ball kids wear purple, an unusual color on a tennis court. Even the old-school umpire chairs have been replaced with futurist chairs that can be raised or lowered.

The entire set-up is great for fans watching in-person at the stadium and on TV. The tournament has been able to replicate its good looks across many cities. Whoever is designing these for the Laver Cup deserves a raise.

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