Kim Clijsters Splits With Fila, To Wear Independent Label Full Court Sport

Kim Clijsters has split with longtime sponsor Fila and will be wearing apparel designed by Full Court Sport.  Full Court Sport is an independent sports label founded by Marguerite Wade in 2016.

Clijsters will wear the brand at the US Open. The brand should get a lot of visibility as there is a lot of fan and media interest in Clijsters, who is making a second comeback in her career. 

Clijsters is the first professional athlete to wear the brand’s apparel.  Kim Clijsters was searching for independent apparel brands online. When she found Full Court Sport, she immediately felt a connection to the brand and reached out to Wade.

It is interesting that Clijsters decided to drop a big name brand like Fila and go with an independent, less-known brand. It is unlikely that Full Court Sport is paying Clijsters big dollars.

Top tennis players such as Naomi Osaka have been vocal supporters of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Clijsters wearing Front Court Sport apparel, a brand-led black female founder sends an inspiring message to independent brands.

Tennis players have typically associated themselves with big brands such as Nike or Fila.  We will see if this new trend catches on.

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