Kim Clijsters Announces Retirement From Tennis For The Final Time

Kim Clijsters announced her decision to retire from professional tennis for a final time. She attempted a comeback in the middle of a global pandemic and struggled to find her game. She played five tournaments and lost in the first round in each of them.

The retirement will allow Kim Clijsters, who now lives in New Jersey, to focus on her family. She drives her three kids to school, helps with homework, and cooks for the family.

Speaking of her decision, Clijsters said:

Yeah, it’s been on my mind for a whileI still love to hit the ball. With my schedule three, four days was enough to keep my rhythm under control but definitely not good enough if I decided to play another tournament. Say, if I picked Australia, it’s three, four weeks. That’s just not possible at this stage in our family life.

Clijsters won six grand slams – four in singles and two in doubles. She was ranked number 1 in singles and doubles – including holding the number one ranking in both simultaneously. In 2017, she was International Tennis Hall of Fame.

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