Brands That Sponsor John Millman

John Millman often gets overlooked when people are discussing tennis players from Australia. Millman was a  fixture in the top 50 rankings for many years. Millman’s dad owns a tennis center, and sisters played tennis. That’s how he picked up the game. He reached a career-high ranking of world number 33 in 2018.

Millman is a fan of the Liverpool soccer club. His favorite bands are The Killers and The Temper Trap. He is also a big fan of the NFL. His sponsors are Tecnifibre, Lotto, Instinct, and Flash. He has earned over $6 million in his career. 

John Millman’s Sponsors


John Millman has a racquet sponsorship deal with Technifbre. He currently uses the T-Fight 320 XTC racquet with Tecnifibre Black Code 16 strings. 


Millman has a shoe and clothing sponsorship deal with Lotto. He currently wears the Lotto Mirage 100 SPD shoes on the court.

Lotto is an Italian company that specializes in shoes, apparel, and sports equipment.


Instinct is an Australian company that makes sports nutrition products. Most of its products are all-natural and organic.


Flash makes products that are used in teeth whitening.  Millman wears the Flash logo on his shirt.

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