Jensen Brooksby Annoys Opponents With Gamesmanship Tactics

Jensen Brooksby is getting on the nerves of other tennis players on the tour with his gamesmanship tactics. Brooksby has a repertoire of sorts when it comes to gamesmanship.

Brooksby likes to tap his racquet before his opponents hit the ball. He waves his hands and grunts loudly on important points. He does all of this with the sole intention of distracting his opponents.

Jenson Brooksby needs to grow up. Some of his actions are against the rules. All of his gamesmanship tactics are unprofessional. It might have been okay on the junior tour, but it’s not acceptable on the ATP tour.

Brooksby should rely on his game to win instead of resorting to gamesmanship. He has an unorthodox game that troubles even the top players. His game relies on quick movement and redirecting the ball to different parts of the court with ease. His short backswings on ground strokes allow him to disguise his shots well.

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