Brands Endorsed By Jensen Brooksby

Jensen Brooksby broke out on the big stage when he won the 2018 USTA Boys’ under-18 title. Brooskby quickly adapted to the men’s tour winning three challenger titles in a row in 2021. 

Brooksby started playing tennis when he kindergartener. He would often hit soft tennis balls against the garage door while getting ready to go to school. He attended Baylor University where he played tennis. He is currently sponsored by UomoSport and Solinco.

Jensen Brooksby’s Sponsors


Brooksby has an apparel sponsorship with UomoSport. UomoSport makes luxury tennis apparel. The company makes its products in Italy to ensure high quality. 


Brooksby has a sponsorship with string maker Solinco. The company also makes racquets and other accessories.

Tennisfansite Intro x
Tennisfansite Intro

Christopher Cloos

Brooksby became an ambassador for the Danish eyewear maker in 2021. He displays the company’s logo on his apparel. He plans to develop his line of sunglasses and blue light glasses with the company. 

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