Brands Endorsed By Hubert Hurkacz

Tennisfansite Intro

Hubert Hurkacz has an effective serve and hits powerful shots from both the forehand and the backhand sides. Hurkacz has been a top player from Poland for some time.

His current sponsors include Yonex and Lotos. Hurkacz comes from a tennis family – his mom was a junior champion in tennis, his sister and uncles are also tennis players.

His idols when growing up were Roger Federer and Michael Jordan. He loves race car driving and basketball. 

Hubert Hurkacz’s Sponsors


Hurkacz has clothing, shoe, and racquet sponsorship deal with Yonex. He currently uses the Yonex Vcore 97 racquet and wears the Eclipsion3 shoes.


Lotos is an energy company that operates wholesale and retail locations for petroleum products.

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