Iga Swiatek’s New Strategy – Play Aggressive Tennis

Iga Swiatek made a conscious decision to play aggressive tennis in 2022. The new aggression and attitude are producing great results for Swiatek as she is winning matches easily.

Right now I have more moments when I can feel that I have nothing to lose and I’m going all in. Actually, you know, before really I didn’t want to take that risk, because I didn’t want to be that kind of player who is just going to shoot the balls and we’re going to see if it’s going to be in or out

I wanted always to be solid and be the kind of clay court player who is going to play topspin and stay back, but really, right now tennis is getting faster and faster. You can see that in tournaments.

Players who are, you know, attacking and leading are winning. I wanted to also learn how to do that. They convinced me basically to do that, because at first, yeah, I had that attitude that, Hey, I’m happy with my solid game, you know. But this is actually making my matches easier, so I don’t know why I was so stubborn!

-Iga Swiatek

At such a young age, Iga Swiatek has been able to make adjustment to her game. She also with a sports psychologist to keep up her mental fitness. If she could improve her serve, which can be a liability sometimes, she will be a formidable force in women’s tennis.

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