Why Do So Many Tennis Players Blow On Their Fingers Before Serving?

Many tennis players can be observed blowing on their fingers before serving. This action serves the purpose of removing sweat and aiding its quick evaporation. The act of blowing on their fingers has become a common sight on the tennis court, with players using it as a way to maintain a good grip on the racket. It is particularly important during crucial points in a match when a secure grip can make all the difference in executing a successful serve or return.

Even without sweat, this action has become a ritual for many players, helping them focus on the upcoming points. The act of blowing on their fingers can serve as a mental cue, signaling to the player that it is time to concentrate and prepare for the next serve. This ritualistic behavior is not unique to tennis; many athletes in various sports have their pre-performance rituals that help them get in the right mindset for competition.

In the past, players like Ivan Lendl used sawdust to keep their hands dry during matches. Sawdust was often scattered around the court, and by the end of the match, there would be a noticeable pile of sawdust where the player had been standing. While modern tennis players have access to more advanced methods of keeping their hands dry, such as specialized grip tapes and powders, blowing on their fingers remains a simple yet effective technique that has stood the test of time.

Whether it is to remove sweat, maintain focus, or simply as a ritualistic habit, blowing on their fingers before serving is a common practice among tennis players. It serves as a reminder of the importance of preparation and concentration in a sport where split-second decisions can determine the outcome of a match.

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