Hsieh Su-Wei Dating Frederic Aniere

Taiwanese tennis star Hsieh Su-Wei is currently dating Frederic Aniere. Aniere is also Hsieh Su-Wei’s coach and travels with he throughout the year.

Frederic Aniere is from France and has only played tennis recreationally. He was introduced to Hsieh Su-Wei through a mutual friend.

(Frederic Aniere is on the left in the picture above)

Hsieh Su-Wei has an unconventional game that drives opponents crazy. She plays with both hands on both sides. She has a crafty game with unconventional shots and great touch at the net. 

Though she is known for her doubles accomplishments, Hsieh Su-Wei has beaten top players such as Naomi Osaka and Simona Halep. In 2021, she reached the quarterfinals at the 2021 Australian Open, becoming the first Taiwanese player to reach the quarterfinals at a grand slam.

Hsieh Su-We was ranked number 1 in doubles for 39 weeks. She has won 4 doubles grand slams so far in her career.

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