Holger Rune Keeps Apologizing For Homophobic Slurs. Can We Move On?

Holger Rune is still apologizing for using homophobic slurs almost a year ago. At the Biella Challenger in June 2021, Rune used the word “faggot” multiple times during his match against Tomas Martin Etcheverry. Rune said that his comments were not directed at his opponent and apologized for his behavior.

Rune recently said he has learned his lesson.

I’m young and I need to learn. Not that that allows me to say crap like that. I was taught a lesson, and I think it’s fair that people criticize me. I’m really sorry and hope people will accept my apology.

After the incident, he posted an apology on social media and promised to do better.

But people keep going after Rune even though he has behaved well on court since then. We have to remember that Rune is only 18 years old. His actions as a teenager should not define his career.

Holger Rune is a former junior world number 1. in 2022, he made his top 100 debut. He is the youngest player in the top 100 after Carlos Alcaraz.

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